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Welcome to
Autumn Colloquium

3rd-9th November 2018

What’s Up? An Open Space for Exploring Whatever is Foreground for You.

A week long event in which we share wonderings and thoughts for discussion and reflection.

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We start Saturday 3rd November and finish on Friday 9th November join in for as much or as little as you can; all contributions will be welcome.

In this colloquium we will continue to engage with relational aspects of Transactional Analysis and use as our starting point an invitation to an open forum.

An open space colloquium, a time to ponder, reflect, air and share. A while ago in the world of Gestalt Psychotherapy there was a colloquialism used by some of us to start sessions....”What’s up? “ ...not meaning what’s the matter? But meaning what is foreground for you? What are you aware of and what is in “the field”, what is present, and what in your minds?

In other words “What’s Up”. 

You are invited to participate in a week long event in which we share wonderings and thoughts for discussion and reflection, and we will start by inviting you to send whatever is on your minds and see where they lead us. We welcome all aspects, themes and ideas and awareness which impact and shape your Relational world whilst asking you to be super careful about confidentiality.  Relational Transactional Analysis practice, theory, ethics, IARTA itself, and anything else that has an impact for you whether you are from Psychotherapy, Counselling, Educational or Organisational fields. The space is open  for you to hear yourselves and others’  “take” on your passions, interests and curiosities of the moment.  In other words a Relational on-line event. Our panel this time will be ourselves...that’s you and us , the membership and steering committee of IARTA…

We look forward to talking together.



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