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What is relational transactional analysis?

Relational Transactional Analysis' is a term that has evolved in recent years to describe an approach to our work that attracts TA practitioners from many different parts of the world, and from across all four fields of TA; psychotherapy, counselling, organisations, and education.

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24th November, 2018

By Silvia Baba Neal

“I am just about done with using the term ‘transference’”. These are striking words when coming a psychoanalyst, Dr Anton Hart, the keynote speaker at this year’s IARTA Conference. He was pointing



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Helena Hargaden

An interview by Silvia Baba Neal
I caught up with Dr Helena Hargaden shortly after she launched her book “The Art of Relational Supervision”
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Keith Tudor and Graeme Summers
Co-Creative Transactional Analysis (2014)
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Edited by Heather Fowlie and Charlotte Sills
Relational Transactional Analysis - Principles in Practice (2011)
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Helena Hargaden and Charlotte Sills
Transactional Analysis - A Relational Perspective (2002)
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